Project Runway

Here is a recap of my two most recent Project Runway experiments.

The first I made for the Halloween Party here at Youngstown, the Hive-Mind Muppet Inferno. My concept was “Project Runway goes to IKEA.” Only one person at the party properly guessed my costume, but since she was a costume designer, I felt like I hit my target audience. Most people just kind of laughed and said, “ha, IKEA bag.”


My second creation was for the annual Youngstown Open House in December.I did a collaboration with poet Roberto Ascalon and visual artist Seth Damm. Lots more pictures and a great post about the open house at Nonfiction Media’s Blog post.

I was performing in the “Elevator Poetry” piece and needed to construct a costume out of hotel bed sheets. We covered the inside of the elevator with bedsheets and attached my costume to them so that when I walked out of the elevator, a long train of white followed me into the hall.

My secret to these creations is no patterns + $100 sewing machine + no sewing experience + one Saturday afternoon to work. If only I had a work room full of other designers I could make sassy comments and create drama with! Let me know if you want to join my own personal reality team, you can play PR with me!

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