Adult Class at Hugo House this Summer

Hello gang,

A quick note to say that I’m teaching an adult class at Hugo House this summer. I’m planning big things! Come join me.

Become a Powerful Generator
In this workshop, we will practice the art of the free write using prompts, images, memories, tricks and games to get the words flowing. Each two-hour session will include between one and three writing prompts and a chance to read your work out loud and get feedback focused on identifying the most exciting sections of your free writes. This class is excellent for anyone looking to generate new work, overcome writer’s block or take their writing in a new direction.
Instructor: Karen Finneyfrock
Meets: Monday, July 13–Thursday, July 16, 4–6 p.m.
General: $145 Member: $130.50

Great place to generate in the summer

Great place to generate in the summer

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