30/30 Day #3, Karen’s Pick

My day 3 pick for 30/30 is by one of my favorite poets, Anis Mojgani. Anis has a gorgeous book on Write Bloody called, “Over the Anvil we Stretch.” I followed Anis’ 30/30 every day last year and wasn’t disappointed.


This is what he heard, he told me

3 turkey vultures.
by the side of the road.
their heads bobbing up and back down.
one of them said to the others:
“you see that one car yesterday?”
the large one? that large and shiny one?” asked another.
“yeah, that’s the one. it looked the sea.”
the third one lifted its beak, filled with something,
“the sea?”
“yeah, I think that’s what it’s called,”
“yeah. it is. and it did look like one. it crashed like one too.”
the three birds begin to guffaw.
one of them almost choked.
the thick grass bunched up over their thin ankles
hiding what they were chewing upon.
the flowers growing wild all around them stretched
the whole stretch of highway
all along I-10 heading south to the gulf,
so many god damn colors. every god damn color in the state.

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