Union Station Magazine

There is a gorgeous online literary arts magazine curated by NYC writers Lynne Procope and Syreeta McFadden called Union Station. The editors describe the journal as being “designed off the image of a train station with many tracks extending outward.”

In each edition of the journal, you will find poems that feel fresh and exciting. Although the magazine features poets from outside of NYC, there is a movement and urgency in the pieces that speak to the speed of the city. Each issue also includes interviews, reviews and reading suggestions.

My new poem, “Oceanography” is featured in the current edition. Also check out the astounding poem, “Omen,” by Bianca Spriggs, and Jon Sands interview with Jack McCarthy. Among other pearls of writing wisdom shared in the interview, Jack gives us this one: “I think First-Thought-Best-Thought is a lazy man’s horseshit.”

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