TNL! The Novel Live!

This fall I’ll be taking part in an interesting project/fundraiser/work-of-art being presented by a group of writers called The Seattle 7. In October, Thirty-six authors will collaborate to write a novel in one week. The project is called TNL! The Novel Live! The group has already procured a book deal for electronic publishing.

Come visit me at Richard Hugo House on Wednesday, October 13th from 4-6pm to see my leg of the race get written. Action will include: typing, deleting, tears, nail biting, leg twitching and invisible fretting. My hair will get messy. Check out this promo…

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One Response to TNL! The Novel Live!

  1. Lama John says:

    Innaresting idea. Just read a bunch o blogs, thanks for facilitating so much cool fun literary type stuffs.