A Poetry Slam Fortnight in Nepal

The US Embassy in Kathmandu loves poetry. In an attempt to bring information and ideas to local poets and increase access to poetry for school children, they applied for a grant to bring three poets from the United States to perform, lecture and teach workshops about poetry slam for ten days. This Cultural Envoy Program sponsored by the US State Department is titled, “A Poetry Slam Fortnight in Nepal,” and features myself, Matt Mason and Danny Solis.

While in Nepal, we will teach classes for students as well as teachers and librarians, give lectures on the cultural significance of Poetry Slam at three universities, and give three public performances. I plan to take photographs and detailed notes for a blog post on our return. I’m thrilled to share the experience with two other fine poets from the US and can’t believe my luck, sharing words with Nepali poets. This article appeared today in the newspaper in Kathmandu.


Article in the Kathmandu news




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2 Responses to A Poetry Slam Fortnight in Nepal

  1. C.Foster says:

    Danny Solis… haven’t heard that name in a loooong time. San Luis Obispo 2004. We read Dr. Seuss on the local radio station together with Regie Gibson.

    Really I’m just commenting because there is no other way to subscribe to your blog.

    I hope that doesn’t creep you out too much.