Monthly Archives: April 2011

On Tour in Germany: What Cost the World?

In April, I spent two weeks on poetry tour in Southern Germany in towns including: Erlangen, Reutlingen, Rosenfeld, Marburg, Giessen, Mainz, Heilbronn and Stuttgart. The trip was organized by German Poetry Slam phenomenon Lars Ruppel, in connection with the ... Read More

Writing Retreat on Shaw Island

A relatively recent development in my life as a writer has been the inclusion of Writing Retreats into my practice. Writing Retreats take many forms, but I find that a retreat in seclusion with light outside contact and a minimum ... Read More

Seattle’s GRAND SLAM is coming!

It’s almost time for one of my favorite events of the poetry season…Seattle Poetry Slam’s GRAND SLAM!! I couldn’t be more excited about our feature this year. KEN ARKIND is a poet with a huge voice and vision to ... Read More

Creativity as a Bold and (Sometimes) Scary Act in the Classroom

This school year, each of the Teaching Artists in Seattle’s Writers-in-the-Schools Program was asked to write a blog post about some aspect of teaching creative writing in schools. My post can also be found at the WITS blog.

 ... Read More