Monthly Archives: May 2011

Chicago 2011

I went to Chicago in May for two of my current vocations: poetry and fund raising.

First, on Sunday night, I returned to the Green Mill, birthplace of Poetry Slam, to feature at their famed weekly show. With it’s ... Read More

Jon Sands on BreakThur Radio

Mary Kate from BreakThru Radio contacted me about a show at their station called “Writer’s Block.” The show features spoken word artists, and currently has a show posted with Jon Sands about his new poetry collection out on Write Bloody, ... Read More

Seattle’s 2011 Grand Slam!

On Friday, May 6, Seattle Poetry Slam hosted it’s annual big event, The Grand Slam. The Grand Slam takes the eight top scoring poets of the slam season and gives them a chance to duke it out for one ... Read More

Three Must-Go Spoken Word Events in May & June

People are often asking me, “When are you performing again?” or “I really want to come to one of these spoken word events.” I’m happy to announce that you have a side board of outstanding spoken word options in the ... Read More