Seattle YA Authors Holiday Party

Saturday night was a blast in Seattle! Although we don’t work in cubicles, the young adult authors at the holiday party managed to create the office party feel. Favorite party conve

rsation=your worst job. (The prize goes to Martha Brockenbrough as a young reporter.) Favorite party lie=Sean Beaudoin told everyone he and I took a six-month cross-country road trip together. Favorite party phrase= “That’s what your next book needs to be about!” (Looking at you Kevin Emerson.)

Thanks to Cat Patrick for creating the album!

At the party: Alex R. Kahler, Helen Landalf, Martha Brockenbrough, Cat Patrick, Heather Davis, Liz Gallagher, Marissa Meyer, Deb Caletti, Danielle Dreger-Babbitt, Sean Beaudoin, Brenda Winter Hansen, Karen Finneyfrock and Kevin Emerson.

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