Greenwood Lit Crawl, January 26



A Quintet of Quays

It’s time again to crawl the streets of Greenwood with a team of local literary all-stars! Join us Saturday, January 26th for an evening of fantastic sounds, dazzling sights, and preposterous words that will make you go hmmmmm and yesssssssssss! Our fabulous hosts will have plenty of refreshments on hand, show up early and stay late. You will not want to miss the third edition of Five Alarms Greenwood Lit Crawls.

Our journey will begin at Greenwood Chocolati Cafe. Meet us there at 5:00pm for extraordinary performances by Aaron Kokorowski, Amy Billharz, and Morris Stegosaurus. Next up, we will cross the street over to Couth Buzzard Books to see Aaron Kemply, Arlene Kim, and Theo Dzielak. Follow the crawl down the street and take a moment between Couth Buzzard and Bherd Studios Gallery to experience an outdoor performance by Molly Mac. Once up the stairs at Bherd Studios, be ready for Emily Wittenhagen, Queequeg, and Doug Nufer. The evening will conclude at Naked City Brewery, with performances by Tessa Hulls, John Burgess, David Lasky, and Karen Finneyfrock!

The schedule is an approximate guideline for the evening, and times are subject to variance.

I. 5:20-6:10PM – Chocolati 8319 Greenwood Ave. N
Aaron Kokorowski, Amy Billharz, Morris Stegosaurus

II. 6:20-7:10 – Couth Buzzard 8310 Greenwood Ave. N
Aaron Kemply, Arlene Kim, Theo Dzielak

III. 7:20 -7:30 – outdoor presentation
Molly Mac

IV. 7:35 -8:30 – Bherd Studios 312 N. 85th St. Suite 101
Emily Wittenhagen, Queequeg, Doug Nufer

V. 8:40 -9:30 – Naked City Brewery 8564 Greenwood Ave. N
Tessa Hulls, Joun Burgess, David Lasky, Karen Finneyfrock

This is a free event, please tip your bartenders and baristas well!

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