American Library Assoc. Midwinter Meeting

The ALA midwinter meeting was last weekend in Seattle. It was my first time at the event and it was amazing!

I have long suspected that librarians are the best people in the world. When I walked into the American Library Assoc meeting in Seattle, I thought, “Can’t we just get these people to run the country?”

Among the great joys: seeing my Advanced Reader Copies fly off the table, meeting all the folks at the Penguin Young Readers’ booth, seeing Nancy Pearl & rubbing elbows with writers, readers and bloggers.

After the conference, I went to a dinner organized by fellow YA author Stasia Ward Kehoe, where I got to pose important questions to other authors, like, “So what’s the deal with goodreads?” 

Of course, I could barely write the next day because of lagging nervous excitement. So now, back to the job.










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