Teenreads Review: The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door

A fabulous blog called Teenreads has included a review of my new novel, The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door. Read the full review here.
Sometimes the reviews are good and sometimes not-so-glowing, but in rare case, the author gets the feeling that the reviewer really “got” her, or what she dearly hoped a reader would get from her book. That was the case with this review. The most important quotes to me:
“Like Celia, Finneyfrock fell in love with poetry in high school and has since published two books of poetry. The poems she writes for Celia have all of the drama and immediacy that one would expect from a high school poet, but are also legitimately poignant. We believe that Celia has an ear for the poetic.”
“We have read the story of the timid victim who learns to stand up for herself too often. Celia is a different kind of outcast. She has spine to spare. But her toughness comes from pain, not confidence, so we know that she has some growing up to do before the novel ends.”
The reviewer, Caroline Osborn, even noticed my nod to the famous linguistic phrase Cellar Door in naming my main character.
As an author, reviews can be a horrifying slog through the mire of public judgment. But, they can also be a tremendous gift from a careful reader, letting the author know she has been heard. Thank you Caroline Osborn for letting me experience the latter.

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