30/30 Poetry Challenge, NaPoWriMo

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In preparation for the release of the upcoming Ooligan Press anthology, Alive at the Center, I’ve written a guest post on the Ooligan blog on the subject of the 30/30 Poetry Challege, NaPoWriMo. Here’s an excerpt.


30/30: National Poetry Month Challenge

We all know that National Poetry Month was created by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. (Or, at least we’re all nodding along like we did know). It’s tougher to determine the origins of April’s 30/30 Poetry Challenge.

Sometimes called 30 for 30, or NaPoWriMo, sister to the popular novel writing challenge, NanNoWriMo, the 30/30 Challenge calls upon writers to write and publicly post a new poem for each day of April.

It all begins in the waning days of March, when poets start asking one another who will be taking the challenge and where they will be posting. Poems show up on facebook, blogs, tumblr, group sites created for lots of poets to post work, even hallways and telephone poles. Poets often form haphazard e- campfires, tagging one another, commenting back and forth on poems. It’s a chance to read poems so hot off the presses, they smoke. As you would guess, the product is a mix of surprising success and expected failure. The poems often have the friction and heat of a first draft, along with the sandpapery roughness.

Read the rest of the post at the Ooligan Press blog.

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