BOOST Tara Hardy

Last year when my close friend and poetic sister-in-arms Tara Hardy was suddenly stuck with a mysterious and life-threatening illness, some of us got together to help. We formed the BOOST Committee to raise funds online and through a performance to help Tara get a diagnosis and treatment.

That year, we managed to double our goal and raise $20,000 to help Tara! She used it all on medical expenses and after a year, she has a diagnosis. Read about it here.

Now that Tara knows what help she needs and how much it will cost ($1,500/week!!) we’re doing it again!

Our fundraising site is kicking, with almost $12,500 already raised! We know Tara will need $18,000, so let’s get there. Our show called BOOST is this Friday night at Hugo House and promises to be unforgettable. With poetry, painting, music and special guests, we’re sparing no creative expense to help Tara. Please get your tickets early, this show will sell out.

Cover Photo

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