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Reykjavík Writing Jam with Bragi Olaffson

TOI_webpage_header_SeattleI’m writing a new short story. Here’s why that is so scary that I’m not actually working on it right now but writing this blog post instead…I don’t actually write short stories. I write poetry and novels. And, yeah, ... Read More



It’s BANNED BOOKS WEEK again and I’ve been thinking about how IDEAS CAN BE DANGEROUS.

I struggle with the question of content all the time as an author who writes from young adults. During the process of editing COURAGE: DARING ... Read More



Screen+Shot+2014-07-27+at+7.44.50+PMIt could sound braggy to say that I’m happy with critical response to my second novel STARBIRD MURPHY AND THE WORLD OUTSIDE. But the life of a writer is full of mean days, so I’m going to live ... Read More

WordsWest Literary Series in West Seattle


At Last! There’s a new Lit Series in West Seattle!

It’s called WordsWest and it is being curated by literary power houses Susan Rich, Katy E. Ellis, and Harold Taw. It will take place every third Wednesday, 7pm, ... Read More

Starbird Murphy BOOK CLUB BONANZA (with Club Questions!)

photo 1Maybe the greatest honor an author can receive is when readers chose her book for their book club. I say that as a long-time member of book clubs. As a book club member who once got into a ferocious ... Read More

New School Year, New Poems from the 5th Grade!


As teachers and teaching artists all over the country ramp up into a new school year, its time to think about arts in the classroom and how they encourage critical thinking and creativity.

In addition to writing poetry ... Read More