Starbird Murphy BOOK CLUB BONANZA (with Club Questions!)

photo 1Maybe the greatest honor an author can receive is when readers chose her book for their book club. I say that as a long-time member of book clubs. As a book club member who once got into a ferocious debate with another member about Hemingway. Was he a trend setter who defined minimalist style for a new age of writers or a hack who imitated the sentence structure of third graders? I argued for the trend-setter side.

Some book clubs like to drink wine and argue, but some book clubs like the Columbia City Book Club go all out. Theme door prizes, theme beverages, THEME CUPCAKES! Check out these insane photos from their event for STARBIRD MURPHY AND THE WORLD OUTSIDE. Then scroll to the bottom for a list of questions they used for book club discussion.

photo 3



photo 2

Theme hard apple cider on the table

photo 4

Thank you Columbia City Book Club!


Send me photos from your Book Club discussion STARBIRD MURPHY and I’ll post them on my blog too!

And now… The QUESTIONS:

Book Club Discussion Questions

Starbird Murphy and the World Outside by Karen Finneyfrock

1. What elements of life on the Free Family farm were most appealing to you? Were there ways that life in the Family seemed preferable to life Outside?

2. Were there any aspects of the World Outside that you saw in a different light as Starbird experienced them for the first time?

3. Indus or Ben?

4. Is the Free Family a cult?

5. Who do you think is Starbird’s “real” father? Does it matter?

6. How did you feel about EARTH? Did you have any sympathy for him? Should he have been punished more for his handling of the Family’s finances or his involvement in Mars Wolf’s crimes? Was Mars or EARTH more to blame for exiling Doug Fir?

7. Was the mansion in California a good move for the Family, especially if the Farm was failing financially? Or was it a betrayal for EARTH to attempt to sell the Farm?

8. Were you surprised by the ending? Was it painful to watch the Family split up?

9. Did Starbird ultimately hear her Calling in the book? What was it? Will she be okay in the World Outside?

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