Reykjavík Writing Jam with Bragi Olaffson

TOI_webpage_header_SeattleI’m writing a new short story. Here’s why that is so scary that I’m not actually working on it right now but writing this blog post instead…I don’t actually write short stories. I write poetry and novels. And, yeah, it’s all writing, but results can be mixed when an artist jumps genres. What if I think I can write a short story they same way Don Johnson thought he could record an album?

Here’s how I got into this. Ryan Boudinot, novelist and Executive Director of Seattle City of Literature, leader in the bid to make Seattle a UNESCO Creative City asked me to participate in the Reykjavik Writing Jam at Elliott Bay Book Company. Here’s a blurb:

Reykjavík Writing Jam: October 10, 2014
7:00 p.m., Elliott Bay Book Company
Join Icelandic writer Bragi Ólafsson and Seattle writer Karen Finneyfrock as they read new work based on characters of one another’s creation. And as if an international collaboration weren’t enough? ZAPP, the Zine Archive & Publishing Project, will be on hand to help us all create individual, one-of-a-kind zines of Bragi and Karen’s work.

What the blurb doesn’t mention is that Bragi Olafsson was also a co-founder of the band the Sugarcubes which were HUGE for me in high school. All this is rather intimidating.

I’ve finished the first draft and it prompted my boyfriend to call me a genius, so at least my relationship will survive this genre bending experiment. To make the Writing Jam idea happen, Bragi and I each created a character sketch and exchanged them. The short story challenge for us is to writing a new story using both characters. Then the audience gets to hear two stories that began with the same spark.

Come cheer me on or boo me off for free on October 10!

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