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One night last winter I went to poet Rachel Kessler’s house for a dinner party. Then a snow storm blew in forcing us to spend the night in the guest room. That was the night I discovered Rookie Magazine. Rachel had the Rookie Yearbook on her coffee table and handed it to me, saying, “Here is what we both wanted when we were teens. It’s about art and feminism and fashion.”

If you haven’t been lucky enough to find out, Rookie is a blog/magazine started by Tavi Gevinson. The Yearbooks are like best-of editions put out by Penguin.

After falling in love with Rookie that night, I thought, “I wonder if my books will ever get talked about on Rookie?” And then it happened!

In Rookie’s new like of book recommendations about Outsiders, STARBIRD MURPHY crouches on the page between Junot Diaz and Kathy Acker. Woo-hoo! Check out the full reading list here.

Here’s my favorite part of the review:

The story’s author, Karen Finneyfrock, has a background in poetry, so “beautiful” and “lyrical” don’t begin to describe the way she constructs the world through Starbird’s eyes. On the surface, Starbird’s teenage experience is so different from mine, and probably from yours, too. But Finneyfrock perfectly captures the doubts and questions we all have as we begin to separate from our families and come into our own. If you’ve ever felt alone or different (and who hasn’t?), this book will help you see the strength and power that can come from that.




Every since I discovered Rookie Magazine after spending the night at poet Rachel Kessler’s house.

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