“Finneyfrock writes poetry with muscular verve and narrative push. The depth and breadth suggested in just a few polished images placed next to each other will make you reconsider what poetry can do.”-Paul Constant, The Stranger

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“Finneyfrock’s work strikes the perfect tonal balance of humor, devastation and real storytelling-never just using metaphor for metaphor’s sake.”

-Amber Tamblyn, Bust Magazine

Karen Finneyfrock contributed a poem titled “Newer Colossus.” I’ll remember that night not for the soup or song but as the first time I heard that poem. The poets of 1968, mostly now demised, would have loved it, this evidence that their legacy is alive.
  -Regina Hackett, Art Critic Seattle Post Intelligencer


Review of “Ceremony for the Choking Ghost” in The Stranger

Review of “Ceremony for the Choking Ghost” in Bust Magazine

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